Trad Pudding
Christmas pudding is inevitably linked with religion; the holly atop the pudding is thought to represent the crown of thorns, the flaming brandy the Passion. Tradition dictates that puddings be made with 13 ingredients to represent Christ and the 12 apostles (though we use a few more for extra flavour!) Superstition also plays a role in the making of a traditional pudding with each member of the family, starting with the youngest, invited to make a wish as they stir. Like with Barmbrack at Halloween various trinkets were often dropped into the mix to represent luck (coins), wealth (wishbones), marriage (rings) and thrift (a thimble) – for health and safety reasons we’ve left these out of our recipe!

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Our Puddings are best enjoyed with plenty of whipped cream and brandy butter.

Brandy Butter Ingredients:

1 part butter (4 oz or 110g)
1 part icing sugar (4oz or 110g)
3-5 tbsp of brandy depending on taste!

Brandy butter


Cream the butter until soft and fluffy, add icing sugar and beat again. Beat in brandy drop by drop. If you have a food processor use for a wonderfully light and fluffy brandy butter, otherwise whisk by hand. Taste as you go to decide how much Brandy you like and you’ll find it puts you rather nicely in the Christmas spirit! Brandy butter will last for weeks when stored in a glass jar or sealed container so can be made well in advance. Also makes a great accompaniment for Mince Pies.